the importance of chewing food

the importance of chewing food

We have just been reading about the importance of chewing ! Many people when they increase raw food, or greens start having unpleasant signs of indigestion. Kids can be put off greens for this reason.

One of the problems is that for decades we have been so used to processed food that we don’t chew properly. This is why things like green smoothies are also such a good idea, as the chewing is done ! releasing easily all the minerals and goodness.

One of our favourite ways of alkalising the body is a green smoothie with a huge smothering of Raw Gorilla Crispies on top for some crunch and added goodness. Our food being 100% plant based is alkalising , raw and healthy, absolutely no rubbish.. but you have to chew ! so get those jaws going .Apparently according to dentists our jaws weaken with no chewing and so we need to adapt back to  be able to properly chew more  fibre.

With heavily processed foods you do not get the fibre, this leads to poor digestion and assimilation.

Luckily people are increasingly aware of the need for a balanced diet,  governments are pushing the need for more fresh raw fruit and vegetables. A customer recently said they love that our food is like one of the seven recommended a day!

The basis of our breakfast and snacks is activated buckwheat which is wonderfully crunchy and full of fibre, minerals and more and good for those jaws!

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