Raw Gorilla Breakfast Taster Multipack 5x250g

 breakfast—in a box


low carb & good carbs  protein & fibre rich—natural sugarsno toxins or additives —vegan— paleo friendly —gluten & grain free —activated—raw—high quality ingredients—unrefined—unprocessed—100% natural & organic —compostable or recyclable packaging

Taster Selection Pack of healthy breakfast  granolas.

 This Taster Pack includes 5 different raw breakfasts:

    • Cacao Crunchies
    • Cacao Crispies
    • Mighty Muesli
    • Rawberry Crispies
    • Original Crispies

Use the cereal granolas as a sweet snack, a savoury crunchy addition to salads and other dishes, or as a traditional cereal granola. Suitable for vegans, grain & gluten free diets or just healthy people!

It’s high in fibre free from added sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives and toxins.

All of our Breakfasts are Soil Association Organic Certified, and we are also Vegan Certified, giving a guarantee to customers of our quality.


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