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We have an offer on the four chocolate taster pack for £5.99 including postage when you use  discount code: TASTECHOK at checkout. Usual price £7.99 plus postage 

Keto friendly (low carb & no sugar added) vegan & organic. Sweetened using Lucuma and carob . 

In this taster pack you will receive 4 or 8 of our new keto chocolate bars- 1 or 2 of each flavour!

- Smooth & Silky Dark Cacao

- Smooth & Silky Cacao

- Smooth & Silky Hazelnut Cacao

- Smooth & Zesty Orange Cacao 


No sugar added chocolate sweetened with lucuma. Made with the finest Peruvian Cacao and Mediterranean carob.

Chok is the food of love…

What we eat affects our happiness & wellbeing. We believe it’s important to eat 100% natural & unprocessed foods, with ethically sourced ingredients. No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners added, just real food, packaged in a plastic free & compostable wrapper. 

Live consciously, Eat consciously, be more Gorilla.

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