Our inspiration is love

We were inspired by the book Green Gorilla- the searchless raw diet by the spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj. This book motivated us to rethink our connection to food and attitudes about what we eat. We must deal with this metaphysics of our happiness and feeling how we feel, separate from love and so often over eat or eat things which give us a quick high. What we eat affects our moods, how we live affects how we feel. 

The context of food and how and what we eat is very deep and has an emotional connection. 

Adi Da Samraj also recommends fasting regularly to clear the toxins- not just healthy eating but largely raw vegan, for the sake of the environment, other creatures and our own health.

"The quality and quantity of food largely (or very basically) determines the state and desire and action of the physical body and sense-mind"

- Adi Da Samraj 


Adi Da Samraj is a transmission realiser, more information about his work can be found on www.adidasamraj.org 

Adi Da Samraj 

"Someone who rightly practices diet and fasting in the manner I recommend naturally enjoys physical well-being. Someone who exploits diet for pleasure has fun and then suffers. You may choose one or the other approach to life. You can have fun and suffer, or you can enjoy a continuous sense of well-being and enjoy freedom from the negative exaggerations of physical existence."

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
"Searchless, Lawful Management of the Body"
Green Gorilla

What does Adi Da Samraj mean by searchless? 

One of the many unique characteristics of the diet recommended by Adi Da is that is it searchless. Most people use food as a means to fulfill their general search for pleasure in and through the body. In the context of a spiritual practice in which one is already happy (by actually communing with the Divine throughout the day), one can adopt a very different relationship to diet: where the choice and quantity of food is selected simply for the purpose of lawful management of the body (assimilating necessary nutrients, maintaining or restoring health, etc.), without attempting to use food to solve some other problem (for example, hoping that stuffing oneself with "junk food" will make that knot in the stomach area go away or at least, allow one to be temporarily immunized to the pain), and without attempting to use food to fulfill any kind of physical, spiritual, or religious ideal (such as: "raw" = "pure"; or meat eater = "bad", vegetarian = "good"; etc.).

To find out more about Adi Da Samraj there is a free screening of the award winning film of His life and the spiritual way of transmission he is, the film is  called Conscious Light . You can book a free seat to watch the film here .

Food and the environment 

We believe our consumption has a real impact not just on our happiness but also on the environment, therefore we made positive changes in our diet for the environment and for our bodies. Once we felt the difference, we were inspired to make truly tasty, purely plant based power products, starting with breakfast, snacks and chocolate for everyone. 

All our products are natural, organic and fairly traded. We only use natural ingredients instead of preservatives or additives, as we appreciate real tastes rather than synthetic flavourings. 

It is not just the world which is toxic. Many of us are too, because of the way popular foods are produced and what they contain. 

So we have gone back to nature, kept it raw with nothing synthetic added and nothing destroyed in cooking.