Raw Gorilla Keto chocolate chocoholics bundle

effortless keto snacking sorted

low carb—no added sugarno toxins or additives —vegan— paleo friendly —gluten & grain free —activated—raw—high quality fairly traded ingredients—unrefined—unprocessed—100% natural & organic—compostable packaging

Handmade in small batches from criollo beans and with no added sugar, our new 100% raw   omes packaged in compostable film. Free from Soy Lecithin.

Creamy pecans work well with the chok. At last guilt free chocolate snacking! 

Best stored in cold and dark environment, and in the fridge when warm, and consumed within 6 months. If you notice we have speckles and dots, please don’t be worried.

We have all been hand made and, being raw, we are vulnerable to changes in temperature on transit. But we’ve been told we taste just as good, were just all a little different and unique!

chocolate is the food of  love ! & all our products are made with the finest pure raw cacao- vegan-keno- organic - low carb -raw 

this bundle is a great healthy gift , or just something to not share :) 

the slab is hand made to order so make sure you allow 5-7 days for delivery

each  bundle includes

A 250g pack of Cacao Crispies

12% protein, fibre rich, with added superfoods, activated naturally sweetened

A 250g pack of Cacao Crunchies 

15% protein , fibre rich, superfoods, activated , naturally sweetened

A 300g salted almond slab of keto tested chocolate ( no added sugar) 

pure bliss! , a thick slab of raw cacao, with activated salted almonds. No added sugar.

For ingredients &nutritionals  please go to specific product pages