Raw Gorilla Breakfast Taster Multipack 5x250g

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Delicious Gluten-free breakfast selection!

Vegan | Gluten-free | Activated | No Added Sugar | Activated | Raw

 Sweet, but naturally so! -using 100% natural ingredients known for their prebiotic & low or zero carbohydrate values

 Soil Association Organic Certified and Vegan Society Certified

 The perfect breakfast in a bowl with m*ilk or coconut yogurt & fruits, or as a delicious and nutritious snack straight from the pack if you are in a rush :) 

This Taster Pack includes 5 different raw breakfasts:

    • Cacao Crunchies
    • Cacao Crispies
    • Mighty Muesli
    • Berry granola
    • Original Crispies


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