keto friendly vegan chocolate!

no sugar added. low carb. finest cacao.

" I am in love with your chok! it's soooo silky and creamy!"

Sally Wagner


munchies snacks have more protein than some protein balls!

no whey jose!

all natural goodness -high fibre & added pro-biotics & super foods

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300g slabs of chocolate

no added sugar!

keto friendly chocolate in 300g slabs, pure indulgence

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what we eat affects our health

nature is pure

food has been shown to
affect our moods & emotional balance

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our range has low carbs & good carbs

our keto breakfasts are low carb

100% natural products organic & plant based

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our inspiration

" There must be a greening of the body, as well as the greening of the planet." Adi Da Spiritual Teacher

our inspiration is love 

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