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Maintaining our  immune system

Maintaining our immune system

 We thought it would be good to come up with some ideas of continuing to self care, by boosting our immune system. There are a plethora of different supplements which can help but there are some real basics of everyday living which can become a way of life all year around.

1.Healthy diet, less sugar less stress on the system. We can all have a sweet tooth, but including fruits and natural unprocessed sugars as sweetness is a better way than lots of processed and refined sugar drenched products. Take a look at labels- it is truly amazing to see how many different different products (even savoury) have added sugar, it is a real eye opener. 

There are an increasing range including ours of products which do not have added sugar. 

2. Hydrate- the recommended intake is around 2 litres of pure water a day. A sign that you are dehydrated is if your poop is solid or if you are constipated. Water flushes through our system taking toxins with it. 

3.Sleep and good quality sleep is important .Try meditation before bed to relax, and don't take your mobile to bed! There is a lot of evidence that mobiles and computers interrupt our brain patterns making sleep harder. 

4.Excercise such as stretches, walking , yoga.

5.De-stress your life


Eating a healthy diet does not mean it has to be boring ! We can combine hot and cold (raw food) , and combine things like chocolate to always have simply but healthy treats. 

With kids coming back from school we can often struggle to know what treats to give which are healthy, but also do not take forever to put together.


Here are some simple ideas

1.Peanut butter munchie bites

2.Date and hazlenut chocolates

3. Berry granola with yogurt 

4.Sugar free macaroons laced in chocolate



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