buckwheat and the paleo diet

Despite its name buckwheat is actually a seed more related to the rhubarb family than to the wheat grain. This humble seed is a powerhouse of nutrition. It is a source of easily digestible high quality protein with alkaline properties and contains all 8 essential amino acids that the body requires to function properly.


In the paleo diet, along with amaranth and quinoa , buckwheat is considered a pseudo-grain, which means it is not actually a grain. Despite its misleading name it is also naturally lower in calories, gluten free and higher in protein when compared to grains such as wheat, barley or oats.

What’s the fuss about anti-nutrients?

Beside the understanding that we should eat the food groups that our ancestors ate, the paleo diet also suggests that in order to protect the lining of the gut we should eliminate the foods which cause harm.

“The leaky gut” can be the result of eating foods that contain lectins and enzyme inhibitors which block the absorption of vitamins, minerals and protein. These can be found in grains, dairy and legumes.

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