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Sometimes its worth paying more...

Sometimes its worth paying more...

Changing the paradigm on what we should pay for food
One of our frequently asked questions is why are our products expensive. We always initially say in comparison to what ?
A better  question people should ask  is why is cheap food so cheap or how is it so cheap? ...
 Food  which is puffed up and made with empty nutritional ingredients with little or no value will be cheaper because there are few expensive ingredients.
Energy in these products is sometimes provided by glucose syrup or cane sugar which yes provides energy but no nutrition.
We believe we should not just fill us ourselves with calories and sugar, we should take our health and wellbeing seriously. Good natural food should be a priority, just as for many  a good cup of coffee is, or spending a few pounds on a magazine.
But many people  have been so used to eating  processed foods which are cheap that it has become the norm that they feel they are being ripped off if food costs more. 
For example a popular cereal which cocoa made with processed rice, only works out about 18p a bowl of 30g. 
Whereas 30g of Raw Gorilla is around 70p - but still less than a cup of ground coffee or a magazine , but people seem to say this is expensive, yet the ingredients all have nutritional value, there are even superfoods such raw cacao, Lucuma, Maca in different products.
The base of all our products  is activated buckwheat seeds which contain protein, fibre, carbohydrates ( good ones), minerals- magnesium, phosphate, calcium.  
We only have one body , and what we eat does seem to affect us emotionally and energetically. As the saying goes ' we are what we eat ' 
Our approach to our breakfasts, snacks & chocolate is to take the highest quality ingredients including superfoods and keep them natural. So we don't refine or process our ingredients, and we don't add preservatives or flavourings. 
We also activate all nuts and seeds. This means we soak and dry them either by cold pressing or mild dehydration (under 42c as anything over this is said -like cooking at high temperatures to destroy minerals and vitamins, and even change proteins. ) Soaking mimics nature , just as seeds come alive in rain water, soaking nuts and seeds changes what are called anti enzymes in dormant seeds . ( anti enzymes are said to actually inhibit absorption of minerals and vitamins)
Raw food seems to pack a punch energetically, you won't feel hungry and you don't have to eat as much as you would typical processed or refined foods. 
All the cacao we use is the finest from the criollo bean and kept raw and unprocessed. Chocolate is not only the food of love, it is a superfood full of nutrition and antioxidants. 
We recommend on average 30g-40g servings so in a box that is between 6-8 breakfast bowls per box averaging at 72p- 90p a breakfast. 
So we think that's a pretty good deal for all ingredients and added benefits of being activated and kept raw. 
If you are new to vegan food we have an offer right now for January for VEGANUARY. 
All products have 25% by using code VEGANUARY25 at our webshop. 
As we say breakfast is sorted. 
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